Our spam problem was raging out of control.  As soon as Dr. Stein vaccinated our office systems, VOILA ! SPAM was reduced to a mere trickle!

"Treatment results from Dr. Stein are almost immediate! Not to mention the peace of mind that tons of "Unwanted" emails are no longer being  delivered to my users. No more pharmacy solicitations ! Thank-You Dr. Stein."

"It's a bit of a cat and mouse game. As spammers unleash their "Viral Infections", Dr. Stein was there to inoculate our system. The great thing about using Dr. Stein is that there is no waiting in the "Waiting room."
"Dr. Stein got us set up in about 10 minutes. After a simple switch, we started seeing results immediately. Dr. Stein, you are a Miracle Worker !"

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Dr. Stein's Testimonials

What are Customers are Saying

For businesses and enterprises evaluating email security and message management services, third party perspectives provide an independent view on the relative merits of various providers. Following are selected quotes and downloadable documents from Dr. Stein's "patients".

Learn how these featured organizations are leveraging Dr. Stein to extend their existing email solutions to protect their networks from spam and viruses, ensure compliance with legal and industry regulations, communicate securely with customers and partners, and automatically and securely deliver sensitive or confidential information and documents.

"The positive impact of the Spam Filtering Service was immediate.  It blocks spam effectively and efficiently,  provides a daily progress report of e-mail filtering,  and helps keep harmful viruses from infecting our system.    Staff are no longer complaining about unwanted junk mail coming in their inboxes.  It is a tremendous and beneficial service!"

Meredith Collins ~ Grants and Technology Director
Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska