Our spam problem was raging out of control.  As soon as Dr. Stein vaccinated our office systems, VOILA ! SPAM was reduced to a mere trickle!

"Treatment results from Dr. Stein are almost immediate! Not to mention the peace of mind that tons of "Unwanted" emails are no longer being  delivered to my users. No more pharmacy solicitations ! Thank-You Dr. Stein."

"It's a bit of a cat and mouse game. As spammers unleash their "Viral Infections", Dr. Stein was there to inoculate our system. The great thing about using Dr. Stein is that there is no waiting in the "Waiting room."
"Dr. Stein got us set up in about 10 minutes. After a simple switch, we started seeing results immediately. Dr. Stein, you are a Miracle Worker !"

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Say "NO" 2 SPAM

Email Filtering, Anti Spam and Anti Virus Solution

What sets SayNO2Spam.com anti spam and anti virus services apart from the competition? Our signature profile matching technology. In other words, SayNO2Spam.com deploys a DNA matching of sorts. It is extremely adaptive to the ever-changing spam message environment, capturing all non-text image files and other obfuscation techniques. Our sophisticated network of spam traps along with other ID layers typically block 98% of all inbound spam with zero false positives produced. What's more, SayNO2Spam.com typically strips out 88% of our customers' total in-bound email right off the top. The remaining 12% is clean and virus-free.

These overall results place SayNO2Spam.com anti spam software among the top performing, enterprise-level anti spam solutions in the world. While many of our competitors claim to have the best overall results. We can prove it. Give it a try. No long-term contracts and satisfaction is guaranteed.

What Is It
The creators of SayNO2Spam.com took a lesson from the anti-virus companies and created a signature architecture for spam. As you may know, leading anti virus software companies rely on two main sources for catching the latest virus signatures: (1) managed networks of "honey pots" and (2) the user community reporting new virus outbreaks.

These signatures are used to update their virus scanning software. Similar to the anti virus companies, SayNO2Spam.com uses "honey pots" and our established user community to capture signature files on spam. As a result, significant utilization of signature file technology has allowed SayNO2Spam.com anti spam software to achieve the lowest false positive rates in the industry. Many companies can say they deliver the lowest false positive rate in the industry. SayNO2Spam.com can prove it.

How It Works
Over 1,000 "honey pots" are systematically networked across the front lines of the Internet where a vast majority of spam first originates. Large scale attraction methods are then deployed to populate these traps.

A special reporting engine was built into each "honey pot" and programmed to create a signature file on every spam message received and to report back these DNA profiles to a central database. Spam notifications from our expanding user community were also entered.

Now, every email message coming through our system is compared against this signature file database. When a signature file match occurs, the email is contained.

The Complete Anti Spam Solution
SayNO2Spam.com uses a multi-layer scanning architecture. The first component is a comprehensive anti-virus layer featuring Norman Virus Control. The second layer is an RBL technology (real-time black list) that identifies known spam senders and refuses the message immediately. The final layer contains the Signature File ID technology along with SMTP verify to prevent dictionary spamming. Indeed, SayNO2Spam.com is a complete anti spam software solution.