Our spam problem was raging out of control.  As soon as Dr. Stein vaccinated our office systems, VOILA ! SPAM was reduced to a mere trickle!

"Treatment results from Dr. Stein are almost immediate! Not to mention the peace of mind that tons of "Unwanted" emails are no longer being  delivered to my users. No more pharmacy solicitations ! Thank-You Dr. Stein."

"It's a bit of a cat and mouse game. As spammers unleash their "Viral Infections", Dr. Stein was there to inoculate our system. The great thing about using Dr. Stein is that there is no waiting in the "Waiting room."
"Dr. Stein got us set up in about 10 minutes. After a simple switch, we started seeing results immediately. Dr. Stein, you are a Miracle Worker !"

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Email Filtering Anti SPAM
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Say "NO" 2 SPAM

Dr. Stein's Data Center

The SayNO2Spam.com infrastructure is contained within two N+1 high availability hosting facilities. These facilities provide redundancy and full failover capabilities.

Data Center specifications:

  • N+1 redundant 99.999 rated

  • Dual OC-3 links carried over three fiber optic SONET networks

  • Dual Energy Power Grids into the facility

  • Dual full-time inline UPS devices deployed in parallel redundant configuration with N+1 redundancy to diesel generators.

  • All air-conditioning is configured with N+1 redundancy.

  • 24/7 secured access with key swipe entry, thumb print verifier and a double-locking man-trap.

  • FM 200 dry-pipe fire suspension

  • 24x7 manned NOC

  • Camera digital video surveillance